I Married Rainman

Recently, my husband attended a training conference which also included an awards banquet.  I was able to attend the banquet with him and we were joined by 8 other people most of whom we had never met before.   One of the speakers during the awards portion of the banquet, began his speech by rhythmically snapping his fingers. He kept snapping his fingers as he talked about how everyone’s life can change in the snap of a finger.  He kept snapping and talking  or a few minutes.  At the end of his speech and finger snap episode, my husband  said aloud “52.”  That was all he said. Just the number…52.

I knew immediately what he meant.  However, the young lady next to him didn’t understand why he would just blurt out 52.  So she asked my husband “what is  52?” He replied “the number of times he snapped his fingers.”  The woman looked amazed and confused all at the same time.  She asked “You counted?”  As though that was out of the ordinary.  He answered “of course!”  She began to text  someone on her phone.  She told my husband she was texting her boyfriend.  My husband asked if she was telling him she was sitting next to a strange man.

Her reply was the best comment of the entire conference “No, I told him I am sitting next to Rainman!”

I didn’t stop laughing until we got home.


2 responses to “I Married Rainman

  1. That? Hysterical. And totally my kind of humor. Love it!

  2. Ok…in my defense…I counted because I didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t. (Turns out…..I was the only one who did.) Sigh!

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