Almost Famous

Last Monday I was surfing the web and decided to view the website for the TV show “The Doctors.”  I knew that Jillian Michaels had joined the cast and I wanted to find out what topics would be discussed in the coming weeks.

I found a place to “ask Jillian a question,”  so I opted to open the form and type in a question.  I knew that hundreds of people across the country where doing the same thing, so I didn’t expect an answer.

However, two hours later and I was preparing to do Jillian’s workout “the 30 Day Shred”, I got a call from a producer of “The Doctors” asking if I wanted to ask my question on the air on Friday, September 16th.  I was in shock! Not only did someone read my question, but they wanted to use it on air!
I started to get excited.  I was going to talk to Jillian Michaels on the phone.
Then I started to get nervous, and in a matter of three short minutes, I

The producer told me I needed to video tape myself asking the question, and to add a few minutes of preparing healthy meals, or working out to “The Shred.”

In the next two days, my husband helped me finish all the videos and I sent them off to the producer of the show.  She called with a few more questions, and to inform me of the time and date of the phone call from the show.  I was to be  ready on Friday at approximately  1:30pm for the call.

As Friday closed in, so did my nerves.  I was getting really worried that I would
start coughing or choking on the phone, or even worse, sound like a complete
dork!  However, I started this ball rolling and I was going to see it through and breathe deep.  I came home at lunch on Friday, put the dogs in a room far away from where I would be on the phone (I was worried someone would ring the doorbell while I was on the phone and cause the dogs to bark incessantly.)  I put a chair in my closet, took in the phone, closed every door between me and the dogs, and got ready to be “famous!”

As 1:30 came and went without a call, I figured there was a problem.  Finally at 2:00pm, the phone rang. I jumped about a foot off the ground (wish I could do that in a jumping jack) and grabbed the phone.  It was the producer, but instead of being on the air, she told me that the show was running late and I wouldn’t be on that day.   However, she said they may want to reschedule me and she would be in touch.  Yes, “her people” would call “my people” and we would reschedule.

Oh well. I almost had my 15 minutes of fame.  Perhaps next time Mr. Warhol.


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  1. Dang, you’re cute!!!

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