Full Circle

I overheard a conversation yesterday that caused some interesting emotions  inside of  me.  I heard a man ask someone if she remembered hurricane Andrew. Immediately, my mind started remembering that time in my life.  I saw myself working at the Emergency Center. I saw my husband working all night with me.
I heard the news stories about the devastation in Homestead.  I remembered  going home the next day to find our roof in our back yard.  All these memories came into my head so fast, it was like a movie on fast forward times 16!

I was quickly brought back to reality when I heard the man speak again.  He said “Yeah! I was BORN on that day!”  The playback in my mind paused. It went to a blue screen.  As quickly as those memories had come into my head, they flew out.  My mind was now filled with my age. How this “kid” was born on a day where I was working full time, married, owned a house, etc. etc. etc.  I couldn’t help myself, I interrupted his conversation.  “You were BORN on that day? I feel really old and think I need a nap now.”

I spent the good part of yesterday afternoon wrapping my mind around the fact that there are many people in the work force who were born in the 90s.  Most of them don’t remember NOT having computers, microwaves, cell phones (I still can picture our first car phone it was HUGE), or DVD players.  They don’t remember that TV didn’t broadcast all night. If you weren’t home to watch your favorite show, you just missed it. You didn’t watch it later on Tivo.  Then my mind reminded me about how my mother told me about all the things she didn’t have when she was young and I saw a circle in my mind.  I am becoming my mother.  That isn’t totally a bad thing.  I wouldn’t want to be young again.  I like the experiences and knowledge I have gained in my life.  I just wish I “felt”
young again.


2 responses to “Full Circle

  1. Half and Half. I was born in the late 80s and I remember all that stuff. My favorite thing: Cassettes! I used to make mixes from the radio all the time, though they were always kind of jumpy because I’d forget I was recording and a commercial would come. Anyway, don’t let it make you feel old! It’s when you accept it and let yourself feel old that it becomes the reality. Live life young!
    (And really, everyone ends up like their parents. Which is unfortunate in some cases, but in most cases not.)

  2. I know THAT feeling. I like my job, and I’ve been here for a little while. But, what bothers me is that there are now people who work here who weren’t even born when I started. Yep…I’m old. Sigh!

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