Magical Memories

I recently traveled to Universal Studios in Orlando to visit “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.” As I was browsing one of the shops I spotted a Rememberall. For those of you not familiar with Harry, a Rememberall is a small glass ball that will help you remember things. I knew immediately I needed a Rememberall. I have my Rememberall sitting on the kitchen counter at home. I was looking at it this morning and I thought to myself “why is it I can remember things for other people so well, but can’t remember my own life at all?” The Rememberall didn’t answer. Case in point: Yesterday my husband had a need to know some of his medical history. He couldn’t remember certain things that had happened in his past, so I jumped in to help. Below is a shortened version of the conversation. Me: Well, you had kidney stones before. Him: I did? No I didn’t. Me: Yes, you did in October 2009. Him: No I didn’t. Me: Yes, my friend was visiting and you were home very sick, you went to the doctor, they immediately sent you for all kinds of tests. The results were back quickly that you had three kidney stones. Him: You even remember how many I had? Me: Yes. You were very sick. My friend and I were at a jewelry party that weekend and you called to tell me the details of your kidney stones. Him: How do you remember that? Me: Same way I remember when you had your last tetanus shot, your flu shot, the medications you are on, when you have had surgeries, when my mother has had surgeries, when my mother had her pneumonia shot, and all other misc. stuff from your lives. (It was about this time is when I said to myself “But I can’t remember where I put my keys.”) I kept staring at the rememberall this morning hoping it would tell me what I had just gone into the kitchen to get, but it didn’t say a thing. I decided to keep getting ready for work and just use my husband’s keys instead. I knew where they were.


4 responses to “Magical Memories

  1. They have rememberball in HP land? Cool!

  2. That’s good stuff. I love the ending and how it ties everything together. Your writing reminds me a lot of Max Lucado’s.

  3. Why don’t you write a new blog, and tell all your readers how you have now lost MY keys.

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