Monkee Business

I am still stinging from the death of Davy Jones.  I feel as though a part of my youth is gone.  I always had hopes of seeing The Monkees in concert.  I even had tickets a long time ago, but something came up and I couldn’t attend.  Now there will never be another reunion concert.   

Davy Jones always seemed to see the world in a good light.  I didn’t know him personally, but I never saw him without a smile or a good word in any interview or video.  He had talent and sang lovely songs.  However, he gets very little press at his death.  Other so-called stars get hours and hours of air time at his or her death.  But their come-back tours are filled with forgetting lyrics through a drugged-induced haze.   On the contrary, Monkees reunion tours were fun-filled with happy memories for the audience. Their songs are wonderful to listen to and I still have several on my Ipod today.  I can’t get through a workout if I don’t listen to “Last Train To Clarksville.”

Even if the news media quickly forgot you, I will continue to do the “Monkee” walk down the street while singing “Here We Come…Walkin’ Down the Street….” And I will get the funniest looks from most everyone I meet.

Here’s to Davy Jones, you always made me smile

 My Favorite


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