Check Engine

If people had “Check Engine Lights” mine would be on. I think it is my memory chip that is causing the light to illuminate.  However, the mechanic will have to connect me to their computer to know for sure what is going on with my engine. 

Some of the symptoms of the problem include strange noises coming from my joints when I try to stand up from a sitting position or when I crouch down to put away things, inability to finish complete sentences, loss of knowledge (I used to be able to add and subtract simple numbers in my head or remember recent history), and problems with my GPS (I have driven to work by mistake on a Saturday or totally forget where I am going when I get in the car).  I’m not sure what is causing my inability to remember why I left one room and went into another until I go back to the first room. However, when I leave that room and go into the other the problem returns (this is a real Catch 22).

My engine can’t get as far as it used to without sputtering and dying.  I can’t stay up past 9pm anymore.  I used to be just going out on the town at 9pm.  Maybe a tune-up would help.

It definitely cost more to fill my tank.  I used to be able to eat Cheetos for breakfast and be full most of the day.  Now I eat oatmeal and fresh fruit and get hungry again at 10:00am. 

My headlights must be going dimmer because I can’t see as well at night as I used to. Actually, I find myself not wanting to drive at night at all anymore and just stay home reading a book and drinking a lovely glass of wine.

I guess I don’t really need to find out why my “check engine” light is on, I know the answer.  I can’t imagine a car on the road for 50+ years wouldn’t have some engine problems.  I am just glad I’m still on the road after all this time.  I should forget about fixing my “check engine” light and maybe just go get one of the cool “antique/vintage car” tags for myself.



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  1. Very well written. Very well written.


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