My Hero

My Brother-in-law and nephew were both deployed to the Middle East in 2011. My sister has been spending the past year home alone.  She has gone through the agony of not hearing from her husband and son for days and wondering if they were injured on a mission.  She would sit and wait online hoping one of them would pop up on Skype or Facebook so she could have her 5 minute conversation.

The resolve and Faith it took for her to get through these 365 days is awe -inspiring to me.  she kept it together whenever she spoke to her husband and he relayed news of injuries or even deaths in his unit.  He kept smiling and telling him she was there for him no matter what.

She kept cheerful as she spoke to her son who is thousands of miles away and feeling a bit home sick.  She bakes cookies and sends packages to keep up their spirits.

She faithfully attends church, prays every day, teaches bible study, and attends bible study.  She even has time to call me and see how I am feeling when I have had times of trouble during this past year.

As the time comes for my Brother-in-law to return,  a call late at night from the military informing her there has been an “incident” so close to the return of her husband would have been the end for me.  However, my sister is amazing.  Of course she cried, but she got right to work calling every number she had for every contact in the Army to find out what had occurred.  Her husband is ok and  on his way home.  But she will be waiting by Facebook and Skype to see if his little “online” light turns green so she can talk to him and ensure he is alright.

My Brother-in-law and nephew are amazing men serving our Country and I am s proud of them.  I want us to also remember those on the home-front staying strong, keeping the home ready and waiting for our soldier’s return.  People like my sister….my hero.


2 responses to “My Hero

  1. Yeah, you’re sister’s pretty cool. Remember, she’s not just your sister…she’s MY sister-in-law. Lucky me. I pray for her every day, and I admire the courage and strength she has. She is an inspiration to many. God bless you, Kathy.

  2. Scared me to pieces, reading through this. When my heart skips a beat waiting for the next paragraph, I cannot imagine what your sister and her family go through every day. Love you guys.

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