Welcome Home!

For twelve very long months our family has been praying for the safety of my Brother-in-law who was serving in Afghanistan.  My nephew also was deployed not long after his father.  My sister has been holding down the fort at home for way too long.  It is time for a homecoming.

I believe the only way my sister and the rest of our family made it through this past year, is because of the support and prayers of our friends and the community.  Thank you everyone for being there for us this past year.

Today, my sister and my niece will set off for his army base in MO to pick him up and bring him home!  Finally.  Thank you to all of the men and women serving our Country.  Let’s continue to pray for more safe homecomings.



2 responses to “Welcome Home!

  1. WHEW!

  2. Barry Ardrey

    Damn straight!

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