St. Louis Trip Part II


One of Our Favorite Shots from the Garden

Friday morning we spent preparing for the party.  We began cleaning and decorating and

  making as much of the food as we could so we wouldn’t be overwhelmed on Saturday. In the afternoon, my husband and I went to downtown St. Louis to take engagement photos of our niece and her fiancé.  We went to the baseball stadium, the botanical gardens, and Webster University where they met. 

Once again the temperatures rose above 90!  Record high heat was the theme of the day.  Just like Naples, FL.  If it weren’t for seeing hills, it would have been like we never left. We had a good time taking lots of photos and enjoying the scenery.  After we finished with the photo shoot, we headed to Felix’s to have pizza and beer.  My husband was introduced to a new beer when we got there and he was happy to see that this restaurant carried it.  Kräftig had become his new favorite beer of choice.  Unfortunately, it has only been out for six months and isn’t distributed in Florida yet.  That gave him a big sad.We had a great time at dinner with our n

 iece and her fiancé.  After dinner, we went back to their house and the rest of the family had arrived for a night on the town.  We met them for drinks at a neighborhood bar “Mama’s On The Hill”   The Hill is an area of St. Louis near the city that has Italian roots.  The restaurants, bakeries, and businesses are mostly Italian.  Homes are close to businesses and shopping and we found it to be lots of fun. Our niece lives on The Hill and she loves it.  Mama’s had great toasted ravioli which is one of my favorite things to get when I travel to St. Louis. Yummmmmmmm.  I wish I could get some good toasted ravioli here in Florida.

After meeting up with the family, we drove downtown and went to a place called Three Sixty   It has a 360 view of the city and is right next to the Gateway Arch.  As we went to get into the elevator to head to the bar, our 24-year-old niece was stopped by the guard and asked for I.D.  This is a fairly normal occurrence when you are 24.  However, our other niece Stephanie (who is not 24 and would not want me to mention her age here) was also stopped by the guard and asked for her I.D.  She told him he was sweet to make her feel young and proceeded to walk past him.  He stopped her and said “I’m not kidding, I need to see your I.D.”  I don’t think I have seen her smile so big and reach for her driver’s license so fast!  That was a night-maker!

The bar was crowded and noisy, but offered great views of the baseball stadium, skyscrapers, and the Arch.  We had a great time.  Before we knew it, it was time for bed!  We all piled into our cars and headed back to my sister’s house.

We needed to get a lot of sleep at the next day was the party of the year!

Stay tuned for the party update.




One response to “St. Louis Trip Part II

  1. It was crazy busy…and crazy fun. I very much enjoy spending time with Sharon’s family. Mine? Umm, umm, well umm….See ya!

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