Endless Summer

Most of my friends know that I intensely dislike Disco music.  The 70’s weren’t the favorite decade in my life.  However, there is one exception to that rule….Donna Summer.  I owned every album (yes, I am showing my age), and I played them over and over again.

Today, I have every Donna Summer song on my Ipod.  I listen to them over and over.  I never seem to tire of “Last Dance,” “On The Radio,” “Hot Stuff,” or “She Works Hard For The Money.”  I know all the words and love to sing with her, albeit a little off-key.

I had planned on writing the next part in our St. Louis story yesterday, but felt too sad when heard of Ms. Summer’s passing.  It was a little surreal to think she was here in Naples, Florida during her final moments.  I heard she loved it here.  Our Endless Summer days took a break for 2 straight days this week and it had rained most of the time.  Now I know why.

I’m glad she had so many hits that will live on in my Ipod, albums, and perhaps a few 8tracks as well.  I am thankful that because of her I do like a little “Disco” now and then.   Thank you again Ms. Summer.


2 responses to “Endless Summer

  1. Maybe we should change our usage of “disco” to mean something we’re nostalgic for …. “Hey, remember cassette mix tapes and jelly shoes?” “Oh, yeah – they were disco. Totally.”

  2. I LOVE the way you write your blog entries. Your writing technique is so disco.

    You’re right, Becca. It works. You’re disco.

    Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, Robin Gibb…DAMN!!! NOT disco.

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