Party Until the Cows Come Home…Or The Gooey Butter Cake Is Gone

The day of the party dawned bright and hot, hot, and hotter.  Not at all a surprise the weather station reported St. Louis was expecting record heat.  However, that was not going to stop us from partying ’til the cows came home! The themes of the party were Welcome Home Ron, Happy 50th Birthday Ron, Cinco De Mayo, and Kentucky Derby.  My sister had a great idea of decorating each room on her main floor in the different themes.  We had flags and a sign for Welcome Home, the dining room had a Fiesta Flare, the office was the 50th Party area, and the living room was adorned with derby colors and horses!  It was a really cool idea and everyone loved it.  To top the theme idea off, she also coordinated the food choices for each room.  The birthday room was all desserts, we ate Fajitas and dips in our Cinco De Mayo area, and of course the Derby consisted of BBQ and Mint Juleps!  She is quite the party planner.

Gooey Butter Cake in Top Right Corner

Top Right-Gooey Butter Cake

I must expound on the food….oh, the fantastic food!  The BBQ meat came from a local restaurant and it was all tender and tasty.  We loved the home-made potato salad created by my sister Barbara. My sister Kathy made the Fajitas and they were

delicious.  The dessert room consisted of Kahlua cake, éclairs, Heather’s famous Gooey Butter Cake.  If you have never had Gooey Butter Cake, make it a point to try some.  The cake is made from white cake mix, a stick of butter, cream cheese, an entire box of powdered sugar, and eggs.  Gooey butter cake is a type of cake traditionally made in St. Louis.  It’s rich, sweet and has a similar consistency to brownies. The Gooey Butter Cake at the party lasted on our dessert table for perhaps 20 minutes.  It was gone faster than anything else at the party.  I loved me some Gooey Butter Cake!

This hat covered all the bases.
Sombrero with red roses, and tiny army men!

Aside from the fantastic food, we had Ladies come adorned in sundresses and fancy hats and we bet on the horse race.  Throughout the afternoon, we ate tons of food, played games, smacked on a Piñata in the shape of a donkey (which was decapitated quite early), then it was race time.  Everyone gathered in the living room and grabbed a mint julep, which were quite good by the way. If no one picked the right horse for win, place, or show, the money would go to Wounded Warriors.  I knew my horse the moment I heard we were having a derby party…I’ll Have Another!  Because my intention for the weekend was to always “have another.”  It was a surprise to find his color was purple, which is my favorite color.  It was meant to be.

As the horses left the gate, I was searching the pack for my purple baby.  Kentucky DerbyHe was in the middle of the crowd.  As the horses rounded the turns, he was still in the middle of the pack.  Then, as they came around the last turn, he made his move!  I knew it!  I started screaming “I’ll Have Another, I’ll Have Another, I’ll Have Another.”  I wasn’t sure I was screaming for the horse to win or for someone to get me another mint Julep! I was soooo excited!  I have never, ever picked the winning horse of the Kentucky Derby!  The finish!  I’ll Have Another Wins!  That was so exciting.  Winning the money wasn’t the important part for me, I was thrilled to watch the race and see that horse come in first. The money was given back to Wounded Warriors as I know they could do more good with it than I would. 

PinataThe party continued for many more hours with talking, eating, and drinking.  Every so often someone would come into the dessert room and ask “Is there anymore Gooey Butter Cake?”  We underestimated our Gooey Butter needs.  Next time I think we need to make about 6 of those cakes.

We had a wonderful time and even though the temperature reached above 95, it didn’t stop us from partying until the cows came home. They come home around 10:00pm in case you were wondering.  That was when everyone started calling it a night and heading home.  It was hard to believe we only had one day left before we would leave for Florida.  Time goes so fast when you are having fun.

Below is the Gooey Butter Cake recipe, enjoy and party ‘til the cows come home, or until the Gooey Butter Cake is gone.Gooey Butter Cake
One cake mix box of White Cake mix, I stick softened butter and two eggs.  Mix together and will be thick and sticky.  Put in 13 x 9 pan sprayed with Pam.

Gooey Mixture:
1 Box Powder Sugar
2 eggs
1 pack 8oz cream cheese (softened)

Mix until really gooey and runny then pour on top of batter. 
Bake 325 for 30 minutes or until cake edges are lightly brown. 

Sprinkle with powdered sugar.
I sometimes like to add either Vanilla or Almond extract for extra flavor


2 responses to “Party Until the Cows Come Home…Or The Gooey Butter Cake Is Gone

  1. Wow…sounds like you had a really good time. Yeah, I know. I was there. I just didn’t know I had THAT much fun. However, after reading this, I remember: I had THAT much fun!!!
    All that talk of food, drinks, and Gooey Butter Cake, I think I gained four pounds just reading this. Oy! (My pants just got a little tighter, and they’re not happy.)

  2. It was so much fun….need to do it again next year.

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