I Was Right Doggonit!

Background:  We have two dogs.  One of them likes to eat things he or she should not eat.  These things include: two twenty-dollar bills, one ten-dollar bill, dog beds, cat toys, gum taken out of my purse, candy (including wrappers), dog toys, and more. My husband and I have been disagreeing over which dog commits these acts of rebellion.  I am convinced it is Sock our back and white, three-legged dog. He states that I have no proof of the crime so it could be Buster, our brown four-legged dog.

Now I have proof!

Over the weekend, while putting up our train display in the garage, one of the two criminals struck again.  I came into the house to find my husband’s lunch bag, unzipped (Buster couldn’t figure out how to get out of a paper bag…I love him, but he isn’t very bright), and every item in the bag removed, destroyed, or eaten.  I found bits of plastic spoons, plastic containers, and parts of granola bar wrappers all over the floor near the dog bed. Apparently, Sock likes to have breakfast in bed!

Of course, my husband said I had no proof that Sock did this damage.

This morning as I took the dogs out for their morning constitutional, I “found” the rest of the granola bar wrappers, and a full wrapper from a protein bar.  This as I was cleaning up from Sock! Scientific note: Wrappers do not digest very well.  They come out pretty much the same as when they went in!

I have the “evidence” in a plastic bag and will log it into evidence for my husband’s viewing if he wishes.  Just let me know honey….I will get it out for you to examine.

There is still one thing I want to know.  How does she open the zipper without thumbs?

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2 responses to “I Was Right Doggonit!

  1. Well, as they say, the proof is in the pudding…so to speak.

  2. Wow! I can’t believe no one else has commented.

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