Endless Summer

Most of my friends know that I intensely dislike Disco music.  The 70’s weren’t the favorite decade in my life.  However, there is one exception to that rule….Donna Summer.  I owned every album (yes, I am showing my age), and I played them over and over again.

Today, I have every Donna Summer song on my Ipod.  I listen to them over and over.  I never seem to tire of “Last Dance,” “On The Radio,” “Hot Stuff,” or “She Works Hard For The Money.”  I know all the words and love to sing with her, albeit a little off-key.

I had planned on writing the next part in our St. Louis story yesterday, but felt too sad when heard of Ms. Summer’s passing.  It was a little surreal to think she was here in Naples, Florida during her final moments.  I heard she loved it here.  Our Endless Summer days took a break for 2 straight days this week and it had rained most of the time.  Now I know why.

I’m glad she had so many hits that will live on in my Ipod, albums, and perhaps a few 8tracks as well.  I am thankful that because of her I do like a little “Disco” now and then.   Thank you again Ms. Summer.


St. Louis Trip Part II

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  One of Our Favorite Shots from the Garden Friday morning we spent preparing for the party.  We began cleaning and decorating and   making as much of the food as we could so we wouldn’t be overwhelmed on Saturday. In … Continue reading


St. Louis!

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Day 1 and 2 We left for St. Louis on Wednesday in the late afternoon.  We arrived around  5:30pm and were welcomed by our Brother-in-law who had only been home  from Afghanistan for about 1 week. We were also welcomed … Continue reading

Welcome Home!

For twelve very long months our family has been praying for the safety of my Brother-in-law who was serving in Afghanistan.  My nephew also was deployed not long after his father.  My sister has been holding down the fort at home for way too long.  It is time for a homecoming.

I believe the only way my sister and the rest of our family made it through this past year, is because of the support and prayers of our friends and the community.  Thank you everyone for being there for us this past year.

Today, my sister and my niece will set off for his army base in MO to pick him up and bring him home!  Finally.  Thank you to all of the men and women serving our Country.  Let’s continue to pray for more safe homecomings.


My Hero

My Brother-in-law and nephew were both deployed to the Middle East in 2011. My sister has been spending the past year home alone.  She has gone through the agony of not hearing from her husband and son for days and wondering if they were injured on a mission.  She would sit and wait online hoping one of them would pop up on Skype or Facebook so she could have her 5 minute conversation.

The resolve and Faith it took for her to get through these 365 days is awe -inspiring to me.  she kept it together whenever she spoke to her husband and he relayed news of injuries or even deaths in his unit.  He kept smiling and telling him she was there for him no matter what.

She kept cheerful as she spoke to her son who is thousands of miles away and feeling a bit home sick.  She bakes cookies and sends packages to keep up their spirits.

She faithfully attends church, prays every day, teaches bible study, and attends bible study.  She even has time to call me and see how I am feeling when I have had times of trouble during this past year.

As the time comes for my Brother-in-law to return,  a call late at night from the military informing her there has been an “incident” so close to the return of her husband would have been the end for me.  However, my sister is amazing.  Of course she cried, but she got right to work calling every number she had for every contact in the Army to find out what had occurred.  Her husband is ok and  on his way home.  But she will be waiting by Facebook and Skype to see if his little “online” light turns green so she can talk to him and ensure he is alright.

My Brother-in-law and nephew are amazing men serving our Country and I am s proud of them.  I want us to also remember those on the home-front staying strong, keeping the home ready and waiting for our soldier’s return.  People like my sister….my hero.

Check Engine

If people had “Check Engine Lights” mine would be on. I think it is my memory chip that is causing the light to illuminate.  However, the mechanic will have to connect me to their computer to know for sure what is going on with my engine. 

Some of the symptoms of the problem include strange noises coming from my joints when I try to stand up from a sitting position or when I crouch down to put away things, inability to finish complete sentences, loss of knowledge (I used to be able to add and subtract simple numbers in my head or remember recent history), and problems with my GPS (I have driven to work by mistake on a Saturday or totally forget where I am going when I get in the car).  I’m not sure what is causing my inability to remember why I left one room and went into another until I go back to the first room. However, when I leave that room and go into the other the problem returns (this is a real Catch 22).

My engine can’t get as far as it used to without sputtering and dying.  I can’t stay up past 9pm anymore.  I used to be just going out on the town at 9pm.  Maybe a tune-up would help.

It definitely cost more to fill my tank.  I used to be able to eat Cheetos for breakfast and be full most of the day.  Now I eat oatmeal and fresh fruit and get hungry again at 10:00am. 

My headlights must be going dimmer because I can’t see as well at night as I used to. Actually, I find myself not wanting to drive at night at all anymore and just stay home reading a book and drinking a lovely glass of wine.

I guess I don’t really need to find out why my “check engine” light is on, I know the answer.  I can’t imagine a car on the road for 50+ years wouldn’t have some engine problems.  I am just glad I’m still on the road after all this time.  I should forget about fixing my “check engine” light and maybe just go get one of the cool “antique/vintage car” tags for myself.


Time Flew Again!

I can’t believe that tomorrow I will turn 51!  I swear it was just yesterday that I was 50 and having a “Be a kid again” party and spraining my ankle.  That is something I should forget.  I will try not to have a repeat of that! 

Here is to another great year!  Thank you everyone for helping me celebrate my birthday.